16 Dicember

Fixed some grave bugs in Poster 1.0.4’s setup.

02 Dicember

Added three new poems.

04 November

This one is in English. The title is Trapped.

21 October

Added six (!) new poems.

19 October

After more than two months, the new release (1.0.4) of Poster is finally out. I also have some new poems, but I need to re–type them on the computer to upload them.

24 August

Added a poem whose title is Quel poco che di me è rimasto.

23 August

I’ve added a page explaining how this website works under the hood.

15 August

I’ve improved the backend of the website in order to be able to publish content in a faster and easier way; I plan to write a short description of the inner workings of the website for the curious ones. I’ve also added a new poem, Non può salvarti.

08 August

Another poem, Guerra. I’m taking a break from the development of Poster: the next release is planned to ship somewhere in the last half of September.

26 July

New poem: the title is Poiché.

19 July

Added the last poem I have written, Lacrime.

13 July

Published a new poem, Oggi, and released version 1.0.3 of Poster.

07 July

Applied the new layout.

05 July

Released version 1.0.2 of Poster. The new layout is ready, I only have to validate the code and to fix any error I might find.

30 June

Released Poster 1.0.1.

28 June

Added a new poem, Una mattina, and started a new blog, hosted on this same website and powered by Poster, my new software project. I’m working on a new layout for the whole website.

16 June

The updates are now stored in a separate section. I’ve started writing another novel, which goes by the tentative title of "Frammenti".

06 June

The ManaProject is currently on hold due to lack of time and to the fact nobody is willing to take on the graphic part. This website, since today, is using PHP: all the pages have now a .php extension instead of the previous .html extension, and some link could be broken.

27 April

I’ve started a new software project: it’s called ManaProject, and should eventually become a MMORPG.

17 April

Added two new poems: the former, Sonetto lussurioso, is inspired by the work of Pietro Aretino, while the latter, Presagi, is way more serious. I’ve also implemented a simple counter to get an idea of the number of people visiting this website.

07 April

Updated AFTA with the release of version 0.0.7. Many improvements, including partial support for locales.

30 March

Added today’s poem, Gioia.

26 March

Added a new poem, Per il cuore, written today.

25 March

Big changes! I’ve added a colorful layout to the website, based on a heavily–modified Splinder template. I’ve added a new short story, c = 30 km/h, and a new poem, La ragazza colorata. This poem is dedicated to nenicca, since I had the inspiration reading her blog.

20 March

Another poem: the title is Mentre scrivo.

18 March

Added a poem whose title is Storto e stupendo.

16 March

Published the latest poem I have written, yet again untitled: senza titolo.

11 March

Released AFTA 0.0.5, with a lot of improvements, but still far from being perfect.

10 March

Added the new poem Grazie, Buk, which I have written for the tenth anniversary of the death of Charles Bukowski. I’m working on the next release of AFTA, which should be ready within a short period of time, thanks to the friends of RiminiLUG.

08 March

Released the first version (0.0.3) of AFTA, my latest project. I’m willing to hear suggestions on how to improve it.

11 February

Added another poem – it seems that I’m unable to write anything else at the moment – whose title is Cielo grigio.

03 February

New poem, Io, un poeta?, written today.

09 January

Stopped working on the translation of this website, at least for now.

04 January

I’ve moved all the updates made last year to a different page; I’ve also fixed some miscellaneous errors.

01 January

Added a new untitled poem, senza titolo.