Poster is a software which allows you to create and manage a blog.

Unlike many similar software solutions, you don’t need a database server to run Poster: all you need is a web space with PHP support – an account with one of the thousand free hosting services available will do just fine.


Poster can be used to create a personal blog as well as a collaborative one; it supports multiple accounts, each one with a fully–configurable set of capabilities.

Thanks to its simple, standard–compliant and JavaScript–free web interface, it is possible to manage Poster from any browser, even embedded and textual ones.

Posts can be assigned a category, in order to organize them by topic and to create a simple structure for the blog.

The templating system employed is quite powerful, and allows a skilled user to seamlessy integrate Poster into an existing website. It is still possible to create a template without writing a single line of PHP code.

Syndacation is supported by means of an RSS 2.0 feed. Readers can subscribe to the blog as a whole, or selectively to the posts in a certain category or written by a specific user.


You can pick any of the released versions of Poster from the releases section.