I like to write code. Due to time constraints, unfortunately, I cannot devote nearly as much time to this activity as I would like to. As a result, most of the software I maintain suffer from infrequent releases. I try, however, to fix bugs as soon as they are discovered.

Development focus

The most mature and useful pieces of software I’ve ever developed are Poster, a lightweight blog engine written in PHP, and Beef, a flexible Brainfuck interpreter; the former can be spotted in a few sites around the web, while the latter has been installed in a small number of Debian hosts, at least according to its popcon data – probably due to the fact that it’s the only Brainfuck interpreter currently available on said distribution.

Other software projects I’m actively working on in my spare time are Cattle, a toolkit for the Brainfuck programming language which is going to provide the guts of future versions of Beef; Abnormalize, a music collection normalizer; Gina, a simple sticky–notes application; and P3T, which provides nice countdown timers for Android devices.

Other projects

These projects might as well be considered unmantained: Beebop has had the same feature set since 2011; Polyfortune, which wraps Polygen to allow its use in login scripts, hasn’t had a single release since 2006; ManaProject, on the other hand, has been little more than an idea for a considerable number of years now, and I think it is safe to assume it won’t see much progress anytime soon.

Source code

All of my software projects are released as source code only, as binary versions are best handled downstream by distributions.

For some of the software I’m working on, a Git repository is available so you can keep up–to–date with the development.