21 December

Added another, quite strange, poem: Poesia libera. To preserve things like whitespace, which is extremely important for this specific poem, I had to wrap all the poems using the <pre> tag.

08 November

I’ve added my profile, a short text which might be interesting for those wondering who the person behind this website is.

07 November

Added a new poem, whose title is Poetare.

01 November

Added all the pages about my software projects.

31 October

I’ve added titles and subtitles to every page using the various <h> tags, to make it easier to find a specific piece of information in the whole page. I’m working on the pages about my software projects.

24 October

I’ve bought a domain name! From now on, this website will be available at the URL https://kiyuko.org/, and my mail address will change to eof@kiyuko.org. It will probably take some days for the change to be effective.

12 October

I’ve added some thoughts I’ve had ready for a long time, but I’ve been too lazy to upload until now.

07 October

I’ve added an old poem, Il freddo, which I started writing during the Christmas holidays of 2002 and only recently completed. I’ve also fixed the short story Un uomo in ritardo.

06 October

Added another poem, La coerenza, which I have written just today. I’ve started re–formatting all the pages so their source code fits 80 columns.

26 September

Fixed some typos in the poem Dormire, forse morire.

17 September

I’ve added a new poem, whose title is Dormire, forse morire.

02 September

I’ve added the poems, at least! I’ve published three poems so far, but I’ve got a fourth one in the waiting queue already. I’ve also fixed the home page and some of the links.

01 September

Fixed the HTML code for all the novels, and created a tarball for each of them. I’m slowly fixing the code across the site.

25 August

Added this page. Edited the HTML code for all the pages of the novel La Mano Nera in order for them to conform to the standards and to the rest of the website. Added a link to the fifth chapter in the table of contents.