Andrea Bolognani aka KiyuKo is the creator and owner of this website. Born twenty–some years ago in Italy, he’s currently studying at the University of Trento.

His main field of interest is software development: he believes coding is a form of art, and strives to write code which is both technically good and beautiful. His strong belief in the Free Software philosophy leads him to use the GNU operating system and to deploy open technologies in his projects, which he releases under free licenses.

He’s an avid reader: he reads about every book he can get his hands on, and sometimes tries to emulate his favorite authors by writing stuff himself. Not that he’s any good, but he really can’t help trying.

He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t take drugs, and barely drinks; he has never killed anybody nor achieved anything worth mentioning. To sum it up: he’s such a boring person that this page probably doesn’t even make sense.