19 December

Released the first public version (0.0.3) of Beef, my Brainfuck interpreter.

29 November

Removed the hit counter and the referer section, which was constantly spam–bombed and served no real purpose anyway.

06 September

Finally released Poster version 1.0.6.

28 August

Fixed a serious bug in Poster 1.0.5, thanks to Thomas King’s report.

08 August

My new website, after many months of development, is finally online! The new layout is entirely valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS; (almost) every page has now an English translation. Many improvements in the templating system and in the backend scripts. Added some poems I have written some time ago, but never published. My blog now uses a semi–stable version of Poster 1.0.6.

14 March

Released Poster version 1.0.5-beta2, and added a new poem, La mia maledizione.

01 March

An RSS feed for my blog is now available. It’s kinda experimental, because I know very little about RSS, but it seems to work. The RSS feed will be available in Poster starting from version 1.0.5.

28 February

I’ve added a page where I list all the Poster–powered blogs I know of.

22 February

Released Poster 1.0.5-beta1. This version has many improvements I will not list there. It’s not the final version, because I think there is still a lot of work to do before releasing the official 1.0.5 version, and it could take a lot of time.

21 February

I’ve added a new toy to my website: a page which shows the referers. Poster is now available also on freshmeat.net.

10 February

Fixed a small but annoying bug in Poster 1.0.4 thanks to Rupert Brooks, who sent me a patch and also a couple of useful changes to post.php, added to the stable tree.

14 January

I have finally had enough time to work on the website. I deleted a couple of broken links, and added two new poems.