11 December

Uploaded a new, better structured CSS. I hope I’ll be able to improve also the structure of the pages themeselves soon.

24 October

Added again a section about ManaProject, which has seen a bit of activity lately.

15 October

Released Polyfortune version 0.0.5.

21 July

In time for its (almost) second birthday, Poster 1.0.8 has been released.

11 July

Finally uploaded the new backend scripts. The appareance of the site is still the same – except for the new colors – but the way it works is totally different now. I’ve corrected grammar errors everywhere and improved the typography of the whole site. I’ve also removed the book Jesus In Hell, because I have found out I don’t like it.

08 June

Removed the page listing all Poster–powered blog, because I can’t be bothered to keep it up–to–date.

25 April

Added a new poem, after a year without writing any. This doesn’t mean I’m going to write more. The title is Giuramento.

24 April

Updated Gina to version 0.9.1, with a lot of improvements.

18 April

Released the first version of Gina.

13 April

Poster 1.0.7, is out!

02 April

Released Beef 0.0.5 and Polyfortune 0.0.4.

10 March

Released version 0.0.4 of Beef.

08 March

Released Polyfortune 0.0.3.

28 February

Added a new software project, Polyfortune, which was really ready a couple months ago.

11 January

Updated all the pages to be more semantically correct. Added pagers almost everywhere, to make the navigation easier.