Welcome to kiyuko.org, Andrea Bolognani’s little space on the web.

If you have no idea of who I am, read my profile; if you already know me, take a look at it anyway: you may learn things about me you didn’t know.

Feel free to contact me for any matter related to this website, from comments about the contents, to issue reporting, to suggestions on how to improve any aspect of it.


A large part of this website is devoted to my software projects; while most of the stuff I coded was never really meant to be useful, I happen to know for a fact that some people are using it even on a daily basis, so it might be worth checking out.

This website also collects most of the stuff I wrote over the last few years. Almost everything in this section is available in Italian only; I apologize for the inconvenience.

I also use this space to host my blog, which is the most frequently updated part of the whole website – not really that frequently, though.

Lastly, there’s a small section which contains a bunch of meta–information about the website itself, which you might (or might not) find interesting.

Browser compatibility

I am committed to open standards, and as such I do my best to keep all the parts of this website conforming to the standards approved by the W3C.

Some of the web technologies used, like HTML5, require a modern browser to work: if you are experiencing trouble viewing this website, your browser is probably either really buggy or really outdated.

Please consider installing a recent version of Mozilla Firefox, or any other modern browser, to improve your browsing experience not only for this website, but for the whole Web.


This website has been translated in both Italian and English. The language used thorough the site is the one you have configured as preferred in your browser. If your preferred language is not available, English will be used instead.


All of the stuff I wrote and the pages of this website are freely distributable under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution–NonCommercial–Share Alike license.

The software I wrote is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.