Friday 01 June 2012

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The day I’ve been waiting for has come and gone: nothing has happened, and I would be lying if I said I was expecting things to go any different. I can never help setting myself up for disappointment, though.


Palm Clie TH55, with an original issue broeswr and built in WiFi so connectivity is free wherever it's free; I'm still relying on skweezer, google/palm and Making Light's PDA-friendly lighter version myself.Hey, once Apple or someone gives up insisting I use their little PDA as a telephone and commit to a contract for lots of crap on it and it's as good a book reader as the Clie TH55, I'll consider changing. Lots of us out there. People gawk at my TH55 lately, what's that? really big screen, wow! and I grin and say it's full of BOOKS and walk on.

No way! I'm an happy owner of a Palm Clie TH55 and indeed is one of the best smartphones EVER! Everytime I use it in a public place people just stare at me like you would stare at the tits of a naked seal!

The issue browser is just FANTASTIC, you can have a lot of issues and browse them happily! Everytime you break a leg you can safely browse all the issues the accident is causing RIGHT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE!

You do realize that I could just delete that spam comment now, right? And that by doing so I would make you look like a fool ON THE INTERNET!