I’m transitioning from my old 1024–bit DSA PGP key to a new 4096–bit RSA key. I will keep the old key around for a while, but I will no longer use it and encorage you to do the same.

The plain text version of this document is signed with both keys to ensure its validity. If you have signed my old key, and your signing policy allows you to do so, I would appreciate it if you signed my new key as well.

The old key I’m transitioning away from is

pub   1024D/DBB03A94 2004-07-14 KiyuKo <>
 Primary key fingerprint: 9949 A8AC BB77 E655 1532
                          351E 0C63 4716 DBB0 3A94

available as plain text in the kiyuko.asc file; the new key I’m transitioning to is

pub   4096R/8CFE190D 2010-10-19 Andrea Bolognani <>
 Primary key fingerprint: 99E9 1684 5157 35AC 0598
                          7069 6863 EF9F 8CFE 190D

available as plain text in the andrea-bolognani.asc file. Both keys are also available from the public keyserver.