Tuesday 20 March 2012

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After your heart has stopped beating you can still get up in the morning, drive your car to work and make your way through an eight hour shift; you can still watch lame American animated cartoons from the 80s, go out for a drink with your friends on a Saturday night, eat pizza for lunch and spend a good chunk of your time performing mundane tasks; you can still, of course, drink hot green tea in the evening, blame somebody else for your mistakes, laugh to mediocre jokes and enjoy the comforting warmth of your bed.

Believe me, none of the things you do during an average day requires your heart to be in working order: your body already knows pretty much everything there is to know, and can figure out the missing bits just fine. Most of the people you meet on the street have had their heart broken ages ago, yet they can sell newspapers or ask for spare change like they used to. If you had known them from a very long time, maybe you could tell that something has changed, but I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t: it’s just really hard to notice.

In the end, sad as it is, after your heart has stopped beating life just goes on.

Saturday 03 March 2012

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Può capitare di mettersi al computer con l’intenzione di scrivere qualcosa sul blog e di rendersi conto, una volta finito, di aver composto una poesia. La prima in quasi quattro anni.

Pensare di aver fatto qualcosa all’insaputa di me stesso dovrebbe farmi sorridere. Invece continuo a guardare ciò che ho scritto, e sento salire l’inquietudine.